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TETON Scout 3400

Ultra light backpacking

I Got this pack off of Amazon, so I never had a chance to try it on.  Based on some of the reviews I had read this had me slighty worried that it was best suited for people under 6’.  I’m 6’1 however, and this pack fits me great.  It has plenty of space with several compartments on the outside to conveniently store those items you remember last minute.  This pack also has a compartment located at the bottom to store your sleeping bag.  I have an average size sleep system and I barley pack it into the space.  If you have bulkier gear you would not be able  to fit it into this compartment.  The Scout also comes with a built in rain-fly that stores internally, this is great if your going for an extended hike and have the possibility of getting caught in wet weather.  This pack is usually listed on amazon for around 50-60 dollars.  I think its a great pack, especially for the price, excellent for and beginner or novice backpacker. 

If your planning a longer trip and need a water filter check out this great site for Backpacking Water Filter Reviews

Mountainsmith Dog Pack

Backpacking Water Filter Reviews
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If you love to take your furry friend with you when you hit the trail I suggest the Mountainsmith Dog Pack.  I had a similar pack before this one but it did not secure well to my dog and would flop around and inhibit her movement, this usually led to me carrying it.  This pack secures nicely to the dog and has a comfortable spandex back piece that also allows for good ventilation.   I have a Boxer which can be known to struggle in the heat, but this pack really doesn’t seem to bother her.  On my last 4 day hike I fit into her pack, 16 cups of food, my personal hygiene kit, A flash lite, and her collapsible bowl.  Great Product to enable your 4 legged friend to help carry some of the load.  The pack is also very reasonably priced going for around $35 dollars on Amazon.


I’ve used the Vibrams on several camping/hiking trips, they are by far my favorite hiking shoe.   These things are ultralight weight, you actually feel like you are walking around barefoot.  This is great if you are on rocky terrain, your foot is able to contour to the rock, giving you awesome balance.   I have a pair of Cabela’s, very nice boots but with their thick soles they make me feel very tipsy on certain surfaces.

The spandex and mesh top allow for your feet to breath well.  These things are Ultralight,  They also dry quick  if you get them wet.  I’m warning you right now though, go through a break in period!  Throw this things on and take a short walk around the block, do this a few times before you go and take a diesel hike in them, TRUST ME.

Coleman Hooligan II Tent


I used the Coleman Holigan II tent on a recent camping trip to Waterbury, VT.  Of course my buddies and I were running a little(6hours) behind schedule, we showed up as the sun went down.  This is never a good thing for setting up a tent, I quickly opened the bag(for the first time since receiving it from Amazon)  and got to setting it up.   When I say simple, I had that tent up and ready to go in under 13 minuets.  There is literally one pole for this tent, as easy a set up as you could ask for.

Naturally it would rain 60% of the time we were at the campsite.  Water in your tent makes for a miserable camping experience.  My buddy in his more expensive Ozark, can attest to this.  The Holigan II lived up to its word and kept me and my backpacking gear bone dry.  I was honestly surprised at how well it held up to the rain, pleasantly surprised!

The Holigan II is no doubt worth every penny I spent on it, which really wasn’t many at all.  Shipping and Handling included it  was just over 50 bucks.  I recommend this tent to anyone looking for a light weight dependable option.


Tips for Building Strong Bones

-Get out in the sun everyday and/or take a Vitamin D supplement.  Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption.

-Avoid Chronic Stress and blood sugar imbalances, your bodies response to both of these is to release Cortisol.  Cortisol inhibits bone growth.

-Do Weight bearing exercise at least 3 times a week. (weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking, stair climbing, any resistance training exercises) Muscle pulling on bone promotes bone growth. 

-Go easy on Caffeine, it increases calcium excretion.

Consider Going Paleo for the best overall health of your life: What is paleo??  Find out how Proper Nutrition  can change your life.

Thinking of using this for the logo to my new site.  Its not fully launched yet but I am working on it.  Its going to be a health and fitness site.  Nutrition also.

Thinking of using this for the logo to my new site.  Its not fully launched yet but I am working on it.  Its going to be a health and fitness site.  Nutrition also.


Stepping on a bee when I was like 3 years old. Stupid bees.